Waiting for someone, waiting for something, the rigid process of waiting itself, waiting for Godot. Waiting as a mental illness, anxiety, depression. Hope is born and crushed again, fingers are twitching restlessly. Boots scratch over pebbles, as silent waiting finally stops being an option.

Our heroine is not redeemed. In the end, she leaves, walking ahead with seemingly firm steps.

Has she found what she’s been waiting for, or has she just grown tired of waiting?

Lost in Space

Lost in Space wants to differ from the classical visual language of fashion photography and instead present fashion while telling a story.

Anti-Valentines Ball

#Event Photography

Buyer’s Guide for Local and Organic Farmer’s Goods

The Local Marketing Organization of Miesbach published a Buyer’s Guide for local farm goods of the area, and I got to photograph the lovely providers of those goods.

Pop Up Innovation Hub

#Event Photography


Surface deals with the idealized presentation of happy animals in advertisements for meat products.


Break is the attempt of catching models in photoshoot breaks, in those little moments when they forget that they are being photographed and are, just for a brief moments, themselves.