The Cave

© 2017 published by Round Not Square
Handbound in Berlin

Round Not Square is the only publisher worldwide that exclusively produces bookscrolls.

A Magical World Made Of Cushions and Blankets…

Over the length of 11,6 meters, The Cave pulls you into the magical world that Agnes Rotzenstein and Hubert Hirnschmalz create in their cave built with cushions, blankets and furniture.

Two Children Build a Pillow Fort…

…And discover an enchanted world within, full of colorful characters, speaking animals and strange occurrences.

Who can be behind all this chaos? Why is everybody missing things? And will they maybe even be able to find their missing cat again?

An exciting expedition and a magical story about where things actually are when we miss them…

“You purr and you are the color of clay and you are chubby… but just from one side! You aren’t our Schwabbel. Schwabbel is chubby from all sides. Have you seen a cat somewhere, that’s chubby, no matter what side you see her from?”